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3125 Sinton Rd, Colorado Springs, CO, 80907
(719) 633-5541


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very accommodating and helpful staff, they always answer all my questions and are very kind as well.

Thanks for your response my review has changed

Nice place clean staff a bit young for my lasers pointer! Acoustic confuse my thoughts. For the area of town a welcome change for the area. Fast service. Would recommend:.. 3125 Sinton Rd #133, Colorado Springs, CO 80907.Thank you RGGBBLUMINGER@Gmail.com.

Under New Ownership! They have spent time & money addressing long overdue issues. Seems like they understand how to keep & stay on task with schedual tenet promissed dates. For a city that rent. Rates climbingveach year fillmore has seemed to alway be the better value conidering in the utiliths & dont forget the pool and the do keep it up! Good people wluld and have recomended. Bob.

New Resident Very Happy Here! The one bedroom I rented is fairly spacious and very nice. I??ve got my ESA (emotional support animal) Pittbull Terrier here. They allow 2 pets. The maintenance crew and office staff are all extremely nice people. The rent is very affordable also and all inclusive. Including an indoor swimming pool, game room, exercise facilities, laundry facilities, dog park, security entrances and adequate parking. Utilities are included plus free satellite tv with HBO. It??s very conveniently located by I-25 and lots of restaurants and shopping too. Despite the fact that there are close to 200 units here and lots of dogs it??s a very quiet and peaceful place to call home. I love it here.
One of the better cheap places to live. Next to the railroad tracks but other than that is is decent.
One of the better cheap places to live. Next to the railroad tracks but other than that is is decent.

nice complex very clean well kept

May have a few bad reviews but I have been here 6 months and haven't had a issue

I love the residents there

Olivia and the support staff where wonderful and classier to the point with your explanation of your of time and date when I was able to take occupancy of my unit!! Thanks Again ;-) Sincerely Robert Blum, 10/10/18,.

It's not bad but I'm always hoping for better

Clean place great amenities & really nice staff!

Visit a friend here and my visit was comfortable


Very nice apartments. Don't let the out side fool you

Absolutely loved living here! The staff here are very personal and genuine, the indoor pool and gym were well kept and fun, never had problems here! I also love the management. I'm planning on moving back soon.

This place has some bad reviews but I think it's great clean peaceful and perfect

This is a great place to be . I came up from Texas and landed at fillmore crossing ,the staff are good people most of tenants I have come across are nice people .there is a indoor pool decent wifi great view of pikes peak my favorite ..

Very friendly and helpful staff.

The building I'm in is actually a pleasant experience. Never have seen what others described. The hallway is always clean. There is a lady who is constantly sweeping and moping. There IS a dog who barks a few times when it first steps out of its apartment with the owner but nothing crazy. The laundry room is always 100% clean and often smells good (like bleach and laundry detergent) Imagine that!? I ALWAYS get a parking spot outside my apartment window. The other residents seem to stick to a general spot. And the same vehicles can be expected from day to day. The apartments are all inclusive. One flat fee every month. No renters insurance required and they have "relaxed" dog breed restrictions. Everyone walks their dog outside ON LEASH. The apartments have signs up to remind people to do so. There are four areas where people can take their dogs. Two of which are fenced in. The yard work is kept up on really well all around. I really don't get the review about trash and flooding outside?? Yes, The pool does shut down time from time but yes it's cause they are always making it better. They just recently coated the floor. There is a gas station next down the road that is very convenient. Yes there are train tracks but I haven't been bothered at all. Only wish is that the metal trim on buildings could have a brighter livelier appearance/color. O well though. I hate to see the negative reviews because my time spent here is quite pleasant. I personally feel safe and clean.

Colse to home.

Lived for one year here, and considering the price and the services it is a very good place to stay. The only issue it was cold during the winter.

My friend lives here, and he is super happy with the place. There is a nice indoor pool, BBQ grills all over the property, nice community areas, and understanding staff. The neat thing about this place is that everything is included with the flat rate rent fee that doesn't fluctuate, including utilities, TV, and even internet!

I took residence at Fillmore Crossing for one year and overall this is a nice place to be, I have not one complaint during my stay. The property manager, assistant manager, and maintenance crew are very friendly, helpful, and willing to go above and beyond. The property is secure and stays clean. Other tenants are equally as friendly if you happen to be a "social butterfly" and enjoy mingling and such. Swimming pool and recreation room are an added bonus you won't find at other similarly priced apartments. In my opinion. Fillmore Crossing is a stepping stone for those starting fresh or starting over. The cost of living here (rent, utilities, etc) is more than reasonable and fits within budget for working individuals. Because of the low cost and all inclusive nature of the rent, it affords you the opportunity to save money for future endeavors. Don't be swayed by other reviews blatantly bad-mouthing an otherwise well conducted establishment. If you are looking for low cost, quiet living and a great location...this is it.

I think it is fine for low income family. Not to many shady people, actually I have talked to several that live there and they were very delightful.

When we broke our lease, we were told we wouldn't get our deposit back. Kinda sucked because who couldn't use money in today's economy? But today we got our deposit back! When we were moving out, I cleaned that place ceiling to floor because I didn't want to leave it a mess, though I thought why should I do this when we're not even getting our pet fee back? Well, I'm glad I did and maybe that's why we got our money back. But I tell you what, that place was amazing and truth be told I miss it. The staff members were amazing people and so friendly. If money issues came up unexpectedly, they'd help you out. You get all your utilities included in rent, you have trash on site, there's the work out room, community room, and pool. It being centrally located was nice, and the convenience store next door was great for a midnight snack run. I was definitely spoiled living there with all the conveniences. If you're looking for a place to rent, really check them out. It's not exactly pretty on the outside, but the rooms are great and you're not gonna find much better elsewhere.